NAACP Memphis Branch Executive Director

Madeleine C. Taylor

Executive Director - NAACP Memphis Branch

What a pleasure it is to have you join us for a brief glimpse of the Memphis Branch NAACP in this website. The Memphis Branch has been in existence since 1917 which is a testament to the unwavering support of this community.

We will continue to carry the torch of freedom and be the hub for all those who seek justice for mankind. We work also to instill the principles of freedom and equality in our youth and to prepare them to become effective leaders. The Memphis NAACP Youth Council stands proudly as one of the most productive councils among the 1600 NAACP branches nationwide.

It is our sincere hope that the voice of the NAACP will continue to be a clarion for justice and equality, that the vision for social justice will inspire all people to commit to become a part of the movement to ensure human rights, and that we can continue our legacy of activism and advocacy for all our citizens.

Madeleine C. Taylor
Executive Director